Will 864 change the game or more of the same?

Now you know that I’ve been all about The Get Down going into the New Year, so here’s another “Coach D” topic to get you talking.  We all know that The MMA Fight Game has been around for a little over 20 years with major players like Bellator and the UFC setting the tone for how successful a fighter can be.  This means that in the eyes of most fans, a fighter is not considered successful on any MMA platform unless he/she reaches the so-called ‘big show.” Is 864 the “big show” on the local scene?

I recently had a sit down with 864 Fighting Championship, one of the new promotions in the Southeast and talked with them about their vision for the promotion and their fighters. You know I believe in getting straight to the point so I asked the question that most of you are already thinking. What would make them more successful than the other great promotions that preceded them and why would fighters chose them over the others? These guys did not hesitate whatsoever and outlined a simple but aggressive formula for achieving success, from picking the right fights, having the fighters compete multiple times during the year, and paying them their worth.

Well Fight Fans, I’ve been in this game a good while and I’ve seen my share of promoters and promotions. Some shine and weather the storm, and some come out blazing only to falter in a short time.  So what does 864 have that others don’t?  Like you, I am curious to see if they will perform as advertised.  They say they’ve come to take over the game, to take care of their fighters, and to take the local scene to the next level.  This sounds exciting but I guess time will tell because the truth of the matter is, MMA is a hard nut to crack.  The current “big dogs” have written the blueprint of what a promotion should be, but they have been backed heavily by corporate level pockets. Can 864 flip the script and rewrite the blueprint for a new era in MMA? That being said, I’m looking forward to watching this MMA story unfold and of course I’ll be there to witness it all and Call It Like I See It “CoachD Style.”

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