Two days after teddy bears and Valentine’s chocolates, a very different type of heart will be put on display as former WWE Tough Enough contender Tanner “The Hammer” Saraceno looks to stretch his record to 6-1 against up-and-comer Kedrick “Hurricane” Harris.

Harris brings his military background to the cage, hoping to dismantle the #1 South Carolina ranked fighter Saraceno. Having no prior athletic experience before the Army, and coming off of a vicious TKO loss, Harris has a lot to prove against the more experienced fighter.

“I hit hard and I keep on coming. You gotta stop me, or I’m going to stop you.”

It’s clear that Harris means it, as his fighting style tells the story of a man hell-bent on destruction. Whether that ends with his opponent’s loss of consciousness, or his own.

Saraceno takes an efficiently destructive approach. One of consistency that puts pressure on his opponents and sucks the wind from them with each passing round. As he comes off a submission win and looks to put another notch in his belt, he’s also keeping an eye on the bigger picture.

“I want arrogant results.” The wrestler muses as he outlines his inevitable rise to the top. “That’s happening no matter what…I don’t want to just make it to the goal is to become a legend in the sport and change it in a way that some can’t even think of doing.”

But first, he’ll have to take out the man on the other side of the cage. While Harris seems to be smoothing out the kinks from his first fights, he’s also putting in the work to make sure the fans get a show.

His “storm-chasers” (a nod to his “Hurricane” moniker”) are what drive him, and he’s very aware that the fight is for something greater.

“My friends and family, they all support son is my #1 fan.”

Both men driven by a greater sense of purpose. Both men willing to make sure this fight ends with a devastating finish, and not just score points.

Ultimately that decision comes down to how the the leather flies on February 16th at the Spartanburg Marriott.

Will we see Harris right the ship, bringing his gut and determination to Saraceno? Or will we see another notch put in Saraceno’s belt on the way to the top?

Come and see the inevitable destruction for yourself on February 16.

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