Road To The Gold Only The Best Will Win

864 Fighting Championship came out of the gate in 2018 in spectacular fashion, bringing the fans to their feet with exciting displays of MMA action and proving to the local scene that they could put on an exciting fight card and compete with some of the veterans in MMA promotion! So as they move into their second event of the year, we have to wonder, what will they do next to top the success of their 1st show.

…………..Let’s welcome in “The Road To The Gold.”

Whether a hardcore fight fan or a causal spectator of the sport, some of the questions you will most often hear are, Who’s is who at the top of the sport, who holds the belt or who is number one in their weight class? These questions usually refer to which fighter is at the top of the food chain and if you follow social media or subscribe to various mma blogs, you will probably hear diverse responses on who fans think is the best. You may also see varying ranking platforms giving their opinion on who they think measures up or can be counted as superior. So you see the dilemma here and how this kind of categorization could lead to confusion on who truly should be ranked number one.

Well, 864FC has decided to throw all of the guessing out of the window with The Road to the Gold, a ranking system that you will come to recognize soon enough.
Fighters will have to fight at least three times, win a bronze in the 1st fight, a silver in the 2nd and a gold in the 3rd, to even be eligible for a Title Shot. However, there is a twisted path to greatness. One, you win all three fights in a row and second if you lose you have to start over from the beginning. So as you can see, the path to greatness is not as easy as one may think. Let’s not forget that a fighter must face whoever 864FC matches you with, not picking your own fight or ducking opponents, simply put, the name of this game is, to be the best you must fight the best.

All I can say is that if you are an MMA fighter on the local scene, regardless of your record in the outside world, you are now in the 864 Universe and your road to the top is paved in one direction and in one direction only. So you better step up your game and fight with the best of the best every time you step into the cage or go home! Now, who is up for the challenge with 864 fighting championship”?

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