Jared Scoggins

8 - 1
Bronze Title
Inman, SC
Weight Class
Arm Reach
8 - 1

Home Gym

Revolution Martial Arts

How long have you been in the MMA? Jared has been participating in the martial arts for 20 years of the 22 that he has been alive. He started competing at 5 years old.

How did you get started? It is a family affair. Everyone of my children were deeply involved in the martial arts from a very young age. It is our thought that every child should be involved in the martial arts from as early as possible to instill those martial arts principles , while learning skills that will be beneficial for a lifetime.

What is your fighting style? His fighting style is very hard to define as he is very well rounded. He has a strong karate background and is a black belt level in several of the arts , he is a world champion kick boxer, was a wrestling standout , and is nearing a purple belt level in his BJJ … So he could only be defined as having a well rounded style while being a striking expert.

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