Is the Andrew Whitney vs. John Sweeney Title Shot In Jeopardy?

Okay Fight Fans, this is CoachD coming at you with “what’s hot on the 864FC scene.” On deck is the Nov. 10thAndrew Whitney vs. John Sweeney Title Shot. Now we all know how the fight went down in Greenville, SC for Fight V between Andrew Whitney and Dylan Cala. That fight ended with Whitney taking the finish in spectacular fashion as he always does, leading to a heated “Face Off”in the cage between Andrew “The Beast” Whitney and John “Hollywood” Sweeney. All the fans left that night with the expectation of a showdown between these two warriors but today, there is question about whether this showdown is truly going to take place. So as it stands right now, Whitney’s camp seems to be onboard for making this fight happen but so far there has been no response from Sweeney’s. This leads us to question why the delay when the fight seemed to be “in the bag” and both camps were “biting at the bit” on July 21st. So Fight Fans, we want your input on what could be holding this fight up? Is there something taking place that we don’t know about, injuries or other personal problems that may be getting in the way? We’ll let you decide. If you really want this fight to happen, chime in on social media and give us your thoughts

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