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Braylon  “The Flash” Evans vs Cooper “The Legacy” Smythe

Both of these young competitors come out with great energy and strong attacks. Braylon Evans completes 4 straight takedowns, before Cooper Smythe rebounds with one of his own. With a score of 4-1, Evans scores once more to take the win in this very competitive matchup. Braylon Evans wins by a score of 5-1.


Shamus Regan vs Grayson Barnhill

This highly anticipated matchup featured the third meeting of these two state champions. Grayson Barnhill shoots first, but is stuffed and countered. Regan pushes the pace, and captures the win with 5 takedowns. Shamus Regan wins by a score of 5-1.


Caelyn Davis vs Jayanna “Little Devil” Knotts

This bout featured the highly pedigreed Caelyn Davis, matched with rookie sensation Jayanna Knotts. Despite the size advantage of her opponent, Davis uses finesse to oust her very game opponent. Caelyn Davis wins by a score of 5-0.




Jesse Gallegos (1-0) vs David Ayala (1-1)

This bout kicked off the mixed martial arts portion of the event, and featured a classic “striker vs grappler” battle. Gallegos lands some solid strikes, but is unable to stop the takedowns of Ayala. David Ayala wins by unanimous decision. 


Kevin Nguyen (1-0) vs Daniel Martinez (Debut)

A very game matchup between two tough competitors. Nguyen keeps the pressure on with an array of diverse striking combinations, taking this fight by unanimous decision. Kevin Nguyen wins by unanimous decision. 


Gaberial Brown “Crazy Eye”(1-0) vs Jose Gallegos (1-0) 

The well rounded styles of both competitors were on display in this action packed fight. Though Gallegos secures numerous takedowns over the course of the fight, Brown keeps him at bay with constant arm-bar attacks from bottom. Brown stays ahead of Gallegos on the scorecards to claim this hard fought victory. Gabriel Brown wins by decision. 


Kyle Young (2-3) vs Nico Amorosi (2-1)

Two contrasting styles on display, as Kyle Young employs the signature South Carolina combat Karate Style, to land an array of strikes from both stances. Kyle Young demonstrates vast improvement from his last outing, as he secures a solid win over a tough Nico Amorosi. Kyle Young wins by TKO in round 3.


Noah Lindsey (1-0) vs Anthony Saeger (1-0) 

This was an exciting display of striking and grappling exchanges, between two young up and coming fighters. Saeger uses forward pressure on the feet and heavy ground-n-pound to grind out the decision victory. Anthony Sanger wins by unanimous decision.


Anna Crutchfield (0-1) vs Elizabeth Schroder (3-1)

It was a clash of two top WMMA prospects, as pedigreed kick boxer Anna Crutchfield faced the experienced Elizabeth Schroder. Though Crutchfield was able to land some big shots throughout the fight (including a solid head kick in round 3), Schroder employs persistent cage work and ground pressure to secure the victory. Elizabeth Schroder wins by unanimous decision.


Joel Madak (4-0) vs Delivrance Mpuati “Luv Cake” (3-1)

This bout featured two of the region’s top featherweight competitors, as former 864FC bantamweight champ Joel Madak faced Hayastan fighter Delivrance Mpuati. Both competitors had their moments in this fight as we saw big strikes landed throughout all three action packed rounds. Madak rallies strong in the third, applying a tight arm triangle until the end of the round. Joel Madak wins by decision.

BOUT 11 – MMA Amateur Flyweight Title (125lbs)

Josh Oxendine (4-3) vs Shamel Findley (3-2)

A rematch from earlier this year, this was one of the most highly anticipated fights on the card. The first two rounds saw great exchanges, with both fighters employing a variety of strikes and takedowns. Following a brief grappling scramble in round 3, Findley secures the back of Oxendine and sinks the rear naked choke. Shamel Findley captures the vacant 864FC Flyweight title by rear naked choke submission in round 3.

BOUT 12 – MMA Amateur Middleweight Title (185lbs)

Lajuan Davis (5-0) vs Avery Evans (4-2)

This bout saw reigning Middleweight champion Lajuan Davis verses veteran Avery Evans, in a very competitive bout. Evans uses his wrestling to score several takedowns throughout the course of the fight, but is unable to thwart the range and dominant striking of the champion. Lajuan Davis retains the 864FC Middleweight title by decision victory.

BOUT 13 – MMA Amateur Lightweight Title (155lbs)

Domo Brewer (3-1) vs Karar Al-Asady (3-1) 

The final of three amateur title fights, this bout brought some of the most exciting moments of the night. Domo Brewer began strong, employing a barrage of heavy strikes and high impact slams throughout the first three rounds. Al-Asady endures the onslaught, and battles back to capture the vacant 864 FC Lightweight title by a very close split decision. Karar Al-Asady wins the 864FC Lightweight title by split decision.



BOUT 14 – MMA Pro Featherweight (145lbs)

Tony Rogers (Debut) vs Daniel Jefferson (Debut)

This bout featured the always charismatic Tony Rogers, facing Missouri based fighter Daniel Jefferson. Rogers employs a variety of unorthodox striking and ground control to secure the decision victory. Tony Rogers wins by unanimous decision. 

BOUT 15 – MMA Women’s Pro Featherweight (145lbs)

Carolyn Biskup (1-4) vs Jamie “OJ” Driver (0-3)

In this bout, we see the return of Jamie Driver to the 864 FC cage, as she faces Michigan based fighter Carolyn Biskup. After a short exchange on the feet, Driver completes the takedown and secures the scarf-hold shoulder lock for the submission win. Jamie Driver wins by submission in round 1.

BOUT 16 – MMA Pro Catchweight (130lbs)

Thomas Vasquez “The Die Hard Kid” (8-4) vs Cleveland McLean “Baby Beast Mode” (7-6)

This bout featured two of the most experienced pros on the card. McLean applies pressure early, with takedowns and top control in the first round. Vasquez rallies back strong in the second and third rounds, using heavy ground strikes to finish McLean. Thomas Vasquez wins by TKO in round 3. 

BOUT 17 – MMA Pro Welterweight Co-Main Event (170lbs)

Cody Wilson (10-5) vs Jared Gooden “Night Train” (11-2)

The Co-Main event featured two of the top welterweights in the southeast, as Cody Wilson faced off with Jared Gooden. Aside from one thwarted takedown attempt by Gooden early in round 1, this bout consisted entirely of standup striking exchanges. Wilson started off strong with a variety of long range punching and kicking combinations, while Gooden pressed forward looking for looping punches and inside combinations. Gooden lands a superman punch that staggers Wilson, leading to the TKO finish in round 3. Jared Gooden wins by TKO in round 3.

BOUT 18 – MMA Pro Flyweight Main Event (125lbs)

Jared Scoggins (8-1) vs Ken Porter (11-4) 

The main event of the evening featured two of the nation’s top Flyweight talents, as Ken Porter traveled from Missouri to face hometown favorite Jared Scoggins. This fight consisted of lightening quick Karate based exchanges, coupled with fast paced grappling scrambles. Scoggins takes the decision in a very competitive fight. Jared Scoggins wins by decision.

864FC VII Recap by Casey Oxedine

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