"Crystal the Lovely"
Crystal Van Wyk

1 - 3
Charlotte, NC
Weight Class
Women's Atomweight
Arm Reach
1 - 3

Home Gym

Modern Warrior

How many years in MMA? 3 years

How did you get started? I was teaching group fitness and my husband whom is my now manager Hentie van Wyk was an mma coach and he wanted me to participate in his classes so when I moved to America I was bored and started training at the UFC gym where my husband was teaching and I did all his classes. I then started to like it and he coached me one on one and convinced me to do the grappling tournaments which I did and did very well. From there I grew to love it more and wanted to do an mma fight! And now I wanna just reach my full potential and get better and become the best I can be!! Whatever that takes.

Fighting style? Striker,Brazilian jiu-Jitsu

Upcoming Fights