All Hale The King First Road To The Gold Winner

What up fight fans, this is Coach D coming to you again with the “Get Down Report.”  As you all know, this past weekend was Event #4 for 864 Fighting Championship and in my opinion, one of the most stellar cards to date on the local scene. The Shrine Club in Greenville, SC was packed wall to wall with fans, fighters and MMA enthusiasts, all coming together to witness history in the making.

We all know that the fight game can be full of controversy, padded records, controversial decisions and drama centered around fan favorites.  But this weekend brought us something that can only be described as spectacular! The energy in the room was caused by the anticipation of a fight card so stacked with Fight of the Night candidates that every fan in the building was on the edge of their seats from beginning to end.

Credit is due to Robert Hale, who through sheer determination and selfless drive, took home the “gold” at this event and established himself as the 1stfighter to become eligible to compete for 864 Fighting Championship’s National Title by winning the bronze, silver and gold metals consecutively. Hale reached these heights, not because he is a protégé, not because his fight camp is known through the ranks of the UFC and not because he is a 2ndor 3rdgeneration fighter. You simply have a fighter who rose to this level to be considered one of the greats of 864 Fighting Championship, because he took on every opponent that was put in his path. I am talking about none other than Robert Hale III of X3 Sports out of Atlanta, GA.

So help us celebrate his accomplishments and let’s usher in the 1st“Pro Title Contender” of  864 Fighting Championship.


All Hail the King!!

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